Having produced Japan's first twist drills in 1911, MITSUBISHI cutting tools have been well accepted in the industry for machining of both soft and hardened steel materials. With its own R&D, MITSUBISHI has developed the world acclaimed "Miracle" cutters for the machining of harderned steel of hardness up to HRC 65, which greatly increases the efficiency and reduces the machining time required.

In addition, the recently developed MSTAR series endmills are designed to maximize cost & efficiency for machining of steels of hardness upto HRC 55.


Main Product Lines

Precision Cutting Tools
- Drills and endmills (HSS, HSS-CO & PM-HSS)
- Micro Grain Solid Carbide “MIRACLE” & “MSTAR”    Drills & Endmills.
- Diamond Coated Drills & Endmills for Graphite - - - Materials and other Special Work Materials

Turning & Milling Indexable Tools

- Inserts
- Tool Holders

Precision Gear Forming Tools
- Gear Cutters
- Gear Hobs
- Broaching Tools


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