MCO Tools - Cobalt High Speed Steel

OKAZAKI is one of the most versatile small tools manufacturer that produces tools to suit various different customers requirements. Having the widest ranges of items and sizes plus strong stock position, OKAZAKI is able to deliver their products to the customer at the shortest possible delivery time.



Carbide Tools - Solid and Brazed

 Main Product Lines

 HSS-CO & Carbide Cutting Tools  
 - Drills & Endmills MCO (HSS-CO)
 - Metal Saw

Milling/Angular Cutters
 - Reamers
 - Counterbore & Countersink Cutters


Grinding Tools - Diamond/CBN

Grinding & Diamond Tools
- Diamond Files
- Rotary Sharpener
- Trueing Bars & White Stones
- Ultra Super Grinding Wheels




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